What are the pantyhose stockings of airline cabin crew?

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Working in a bank, I need stockings with uniforms in the summer, and the unit does not issue them. So I collected flight attendant stockings from various aviation pantyhose companies. The evaluation is as follows

šŸŒ¹Hainan Airlines pantyhose-light gray, plus cotton, lengthened, very friendly to tall ladies.

šŸŒ¹China Southern Airlines pantyhose-flesh-colored, soft and comfortable, natural color, not picky.

šŸŒ¹Sichuan Airlines pantyhose-the same style as the Chinese captain, iron gray, very professional, good quality, durable, not easy to break. Now Sichuan Airlines has changed its uniform, and the old stockings are also out of print.

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šŸŒ¹JYao Airlines pantyhoseā€”grey, old brand, Huagao products, odd-circle style, steady color, suitable for commuting.

šŸŒ¹Air China pantyhoseā€”grey, good quality, comfortable to wear, socks with fine texture, covering leg defects.

šŸŒ¹Air China pantyhose-light gray, out of print color, very light gray, gentle and special color, it is difficult to find similar colors on the market, I like it very much.

šŸŒ¹Okay Aviation Pantyhoseā€”Gray, a relatively niche aviation pantyhose company, with a small amount of socks, not easy to find, old brand, and wear and cherish.

šŸŒ¹Xiamen Airlines pantyhose-black, a more common color, versatile, first choice for commuting, suitable for young ladies in the workplace.

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