What if your boyfriend has a shoe fetish?

What if your boyfriend has a shoe fetish?

At first, I thought he was a foot fetish, but I found that he was not interested in my feet, but liked the shoes I wore. And I’m only interested in canvas shoes and Martin boots. I bought several pairs of high heels and sandals for nothing. Should I cater to him?

@Understand it moderately. In fact, it would be good if it didn’t hurt anything.

@Whether you should cater depends on how you personally view your relationship. If your relationship is good enough and you like him enough, you will probably cater to him in order to make him happier, of course, moderately.
In fact, whether it’s shoes, socks, or feet, this kind of control for the large foot area is very, very much, and the segmentation is very strong.
For example, it is normal that the shoe control of the subject’s boyfriend is only interested in one or two types of shoes.
This is just a hobby. It has nothing to do with individuals. Personally, most of our customers are of high quality.

@It’s been a long time······
I really envy couples like you and understand each other.
Perhaps what he likes is the touch of shoes and socks, the taste, and even both – who knows?
Although it’s a little late, you can be bold and ask him directly – don’t worry, it’s all LSP, and your mind is transparent.

Only he knows what he wants to play. If you want to test, you can jokingly let him smell your shoes and socks? If the relationship goes further, there will be more ways to play
As for the degree of acceptance, it’s too difficult for people to figure out. As a boy, I don’t suggest you force yourself – but it’s hard to say. Maybe the bottom line can be gradually reduced? Anyway, there is no way to force feelings

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