What is a pantyhose fetish?

Pantyhose addicts can get sexual stimulation from their sexual partners wearing pantyhose, the process they wear or take off pantyhose, or when they wear pantyhose themselves. This behavior is sometimes related to cross dressing.
Compared with new and undressed pantyhose, this preference usually focuses on used or worn pantyhose. Some pantyhose addicts will get their worn pantyhose from the women they choose by searching the dustbin or stealing it directly from the wardrobe. Most pantyhose addicts have a small collection of pantyhose.

Pantyhose fetish looks very similar to stockings preference, although when asked about many pantyhose obsessions, they will choose pantyhose instead of ordinary stockings or other nylon clothes on their legs. This may be because the nylon material of pantyhose is in direct contact with sexual organs, while ordinary stockings are not.

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