What is silk foot touch massage?

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With the development of society, people’s demand is gradually increasing. People often want to use a variety of leisure ways to relax themselves, many people like massage, hope that through massage can let their tired body and mind rest. Now let’s have a detailed understanding of the whole process of silk foot massage.
What is silk touch foot massage?

Many people have heard of silk foot massage, but do you know what it is?

In fact, as the name suggests, the technician wears silk stockings with his feet and then massages the human body to achieve the purpose of relaxing body and mind.

What are the steps of silk foot?
Now let’s have a detailed understanding of the steps of essential oil massage. The steps of essential oil massage are: first, the masseur will help the customer wash his back thoroughly, and then, the technician will put his feet on the back of the customer with silk stockings, and loosen the body for the customer with the methods of point, press and knead. Finally, the masseur will use his professional knowledge to take different massage methods for different parts of the guest.

What should we pay attention to in the process of making silk feet
In the process of silk foot massage, what should we pay attention to? In massage, we should not allow the massage time to last too long, otherwise some people’s bodies may not be able to bear it,
Silk foot essential oil massage time of 30 minutes is the best.

Do you feel very comfortable after massage?

It’s really appropriate to have a glass of water at this time. At this time, drinking a glass of water will make you more healthy, because if you do this, you can completely discharge the toxins in your body, and make your body thoroughly clean.

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