What is silk stockings?

Stockings are a kind of thin nylon stockings, which are a kind of modern socks. They have medium and short lengths. Most stockings are one-piece, skin-colored, and highly transparent. It is known that silk stockings were first invented in the United States in 1938 and were originally made of dark translucent material.

It is inconvenient to go to the toilet because of wearing one-piece stockings. Therefore, there are so-called thigh socks. The thigh socks are usually matched with sexy lace, and various patterns are used as a foil. Some thigh socks without elastic bands are required. The garter belt hooks, this kind of stockings is called garter stockings.

Tracing back to the early history of stockings can actually be traced back to Europe in the 16th century when men liked white tights, which is the earliest shape of stockings today.

Today’s stockings are mostly nylon woven, some have decorative patterns that emphasize the lines of the legs, and some use different weaves to emphasize the presentation and adjustment of the legs. Some people think that women in short skirts must wear stockings to show their politeness. Some people don’t think so. Because stockings have “smooth” and “beautiful” ingredients, most people think that today’s stockings are mainly used to show the beauty of women’s feet (especially in terms of market positioning), and their display form is used to show the thick lines of men’s feet Feelings and most male personality (generally the personality expected of men in society) are considered to be incompatible (except in some cases), so it is generally considered inappropriate for men to wear silk stockings (especially those with exposed legs).

Wearing one-piece silk stockings is usually something that needs to be learned for women. Because the stockings are made of very thin nylon silk, they can easily be broken if they are not careful. There are tight elastic stockings that adjust the shape of the feet. It is easy to put on, so it takes learning and skills to look good. The cleaning of stockings also needs to be careful, because the material is elastic and not easy to fold, most women will roll the stockings into small balls and knot them. After placing the stockings in the refrigerator, the toughness of the stockings can be increased and the stockings are less likely to be broken.

The packaging of stockings is often flat, lined with a paper plate, and may have a transparent design on the front so that women can see the color of the stockings. The length and some characteristics are usually indicated on the packaging. Today’s stockings are diverse. In addition to adding fragrance, Japan has recently invented a spray-style stocking.

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