What is the correct operation of massage?

When we know about massage, we can know that massage can not only play a role in health care, but also has a good conditioning effect on physical diseases. Because of this, many people in life are very concerned about massage. And can understand from the silk stockings Club aspect, comes here the massage personnel is also very many.

This and here very professional massage method has a direct relationship, in the specific process of massage, can grasp the correct operation is very important, so as to ensure the effect of massage.

1、 The preparation of massage operator is very important
In the specific massage should pay attention to, massage can take very ideal operation method is a very necessary thing. From the massage preparation, we can understand that it is necessary for the service personnel to ensure that their hands are very clean and there is no wearing on their hands, because in this way, we can avoid the problem of physical injury to the massage personnel in the process of massage. Every aspect should be carefully understood.

2、 Master the right massage position
In order to massage can be very smooth, in the actual massage should be aware of a problem, that is, the control of body position is a very necessary thing. Only after finding the right position, the effect of massage technician operation can be better, and in the actual process of massage, the body of the massage personnel can be in a very relaxed state, so many aspects of massage should be very careful to understand the content of these related aspects.

3、 The right direction of massage is very important
In massage, we should pay attention to that the operation direction of silk stockings club is very serious, only the operation direction is correct, so that massage can achieve very ideal significance. From the operation direction, it is necessary to operate according to the direction of blood and lymph reflux. And in the process of massage, the strength of the grasp is also very important, only gradually increase the strength can make the receiver have a good feeling.

In this way, we can have more understanding about the correct operation of massage. I hope every friend can seriously enrich the specific knowledge of this part. And in the actual massage process should also pay attention to, according to the needs of different physical conditions, can give targeted massage is very important. Only in this way can we have a better understanding of the development of silk stockings club. It is because the massage process is professional operation, so there are a lot of final staff.

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