What is the smell of women’s stockings? Are the stockings worn by women smelly?

What is the smell of women’s stockings?
If the girl changes frequently and doesn’t sweat much, there will be a touch of body fragrance on the stockings. The silk stockings of women’s sweat and perfume, mixed with the special smell of the silk of the stockings, create a unique smell on women, which flatter men who are sensitive to the smell of the opposite sex.

The taste on each woman’s feet is of course different. Even the same woman, whether she wears stockings, what kind of stockings she wears, whether she wears perfume, and what kind of shoes she wears, make women’s feet have different tastes every day.

Are the stockings worn by women smelly?
Of course, silk stockings must be smelly if they are worn for a long time, and the black stockings are prone to sweat and have a higher chance of producing a smell, which is also related to the owner of the stockings.

The more plump, the easier it is to have feet odor. My former girlfriend is San Maozi (her grandmother is Russian). She is very plump. She sweats a lot after wearing her stockings and smells stinky.

Not necessarily, some women are particularly stinky, sweaty feet are super odor, and some women who change frequently do not smell bad, and the smell is not big.

Is it normal to like to smell the stockings worn by women?
It’s normal. The taste of the stockings worn by girls is simply one of the most wonderful in the world. Especially the smelly stockings that have not been changed for a few days and sweat after exercise, the best gift.

It’s just fetish, don’t blame yourself too much, there is nothing wrong with it, it’s normal. Fetishism’s obsession with clothes of the opposite sex is actually an arousal of sex. Fetishes are the most beautiful way of sex.

Healthy women’s genitals smell and color are very charming, and their underwear has intoxicating allure. Many men will like it. You are not an exception, don’t blame yourself, you should be confident.

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