What is the taste of used pantyhose silk stockings?Scent of socks,how to play used pantyhose silk stockings?

1. How is the scent of socks produced?

There is an olfactory mucosa in the upper part of the human nasal cavity. In the deep part of the mucosa, there are Bowman’s glands (olfactory glands), which can secrete serous secretions. When the odor-emitting gas molecules reach the mucosa of the olfactory zone, they are dissolved in the secretions of the olfactory glands to stimulate the bipolar olfactory cells of the olfactory hairs, resulting in a series of chemical and physical changes, generating nerve impulses, and passing through the olfactory nerve and olfactory bulb to the brain The olfactory center produces the sense of smell.

The effect of smell can be great. If you have a good sense of smell, the fragrance of Yiren’s socks can make you feel relaxed and afraid, forget your tiredness; it will also make your appetite open and your appetite will increase.

The human sense of smell can also leave a memory in the brain. When you smell the smell again, you can infer it even if you don’t see the source of the smell. Since gas molecules can be collected in the nasal cavity on both sides one after another, the source and direction of the smell can be determined accordingly. This is also the ability to distinguish between the different scents of beauty and multiple beauty, otherwise the world is so singular. The human sense of smell also has the ability to adapt, that is, if you smell a smell for the first time, you will feel the smell strong and strong. After a while, the feeling will not be so obvious. The so-called “enter the room of Zhilan, not smelling it for a long time.” This is the truth. The sense of smell also changes from time to time and from person to person. Generally speaking, when young people are focused, their sense of smell is highly sensitive.

Second, the role and influence of socks fragrance on sexual psychology, the smell is to transmit a certain smell to the opposite sex, thus producing a kind of sexual temptation. The smell can excite female animals in estrus. For example, the glands behind the male goat’s horns and the musk of the male musk are to attract the opposite sex during courtship. The smell of female animals in estrus is undoubtedly a strong temptation for male animals. Many types of male animals can distinguish whether they are in estrus by sniffing the sweat, urine, and stockings secretions of female animals.

Humans’ choice of the opposite sex, the role of smell in sexual excitement, can only be discovered after being visually experienced. Generally, in puberty, the body smell is particularly strong. The smell of the body is fragrant and smelly, and it can have a certain impact on human sexual psychology. Among the scents of both men and women, the scent of women is more attractive.

The sensitivity of smell is unpredictable. Some people have a particularly developed sense of smell and can distinguish very subtle differences in smell; some people are very dull. Of course, the latter does not rule out that some people do not understand the sexual meaning of odors, or are not aware of their special reactions to odors. Because of the lack of beauty and appreciation in this regard, they also lose a pleasant pleasure in sexual activities. Therefore, people who don’t understand the fragrance of socks and feet often don’t get the fun in this process.

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The fragrance of socks is an aromatic substance that is emitted by the body temperature of girls after putting on silk stockings and high heels on the legs and feet of girls. Scenting can be divided into two stages: the fragrance before taking off your shoes and the fragrance after taking off your shoes.

1. Scent before taking off your shoes. As the name suggests, after exercising, the beauty has not taken off before taking off their shoes. Observe the appearance and color of the high heels and beautiful legs. You can smell the fragrance of the shoes first. At this time, the body temperature has warmed the shoes and the nose is close. Before getting to the beautiful legs, gently rub the stockings, wait a few seconds, warm the stockings in the shoes, and then smell the fragrance of the stockings.

2. Take off the fragrance of the high heel shoes and the toe of the socks, which is called the fragrance after taking off the shoes. Speaking of the law depends on the way of personal preference. Using high heels, gently lift your feet to the vicinity of your nose, then hold the heel of the shoes to remove the high heels, and use your nose to inhale the smell of the high heels (the action must be timely and rapid, especially in winter heat) The best effect of heat and humidity)
Smell the toe of the socks, after removing the high heels in the previous method, smell the rising fragrance of the toe, or gently knead the toe of the socks with your hands, then lift up the beautiful feet and hold the toes together with both hands to form A certain space, leaving a certain exit, the nose is placed at the exit (like the action of holding water with both hands, but holding the toe of the socks to the nose) immediately inhale and exhale quickly, the fragrance of the toe follows the airflow Fast exercise, the hot aroma is nowhere to be released, only rushes out and pours into the nostrils, pulling happiness!  After several times, you can smell the smell of the inner edge of the stockings in the space where the hands are closed.

The three stages of incense

1. Hot smell
When the stockings are hot, they are used to distinguish the fragrance.

2. Normal temperature smell
When the temperature drops to about slightly hot, the aroma is still there, you can smell the scent of socks to distinguish the taste.
Stockings: Its fragrance is closest to the original smell of nature, fresh and comfortable, such as the fragrance of grass and bean flowers.
Pantyhose: The fragrance is rich, like a daffodil, full of fragrance.
Short cartoon socks: a faint fruity aroma, the aroma is natural ripe fruit, slightly similar to the smell of honey.
Cotton socks: The aroma has the smell of smoked flowers.

3. Cold smell
Smell it coldly to understand the persistence of the fragrance of stockings. The high-quality stockings still exude an elegant fragrance after the feet are warm and cold, which is long-lasting, refreshing, and not mixed.

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