What’s the deal with someone wanting to buy my used shoes that I’m wearing?

There is a pair of leather high heels bought to not fit the foot has not been worn, quite new not to wear fear of waste also put on sale.

As a result, someone found my Wangwang and asked me if there were other used shoes that were being worn.

I asked why should I buy the old ones? She said personal preference, it varies from person to person, she likes the old ones.

But it seems she didn’t even ask for the shoe size, right? I feel so weird, I don’t know what I’m going to buy…

@ I also met!!!! He told me he wanted to donate to the poor mountain areas!

I thought it was a criminal! I thought they were criminals! I also dare not sell! So scary!!! I said to him 500 a pair, he was willing to buy! Horrible!

@ This type of people are called “fetish

@ I just often encounter such people, just again, I think it’s too strange, Baidu to see what’s going on, see you’re, especially come to reply. Really horrible, before I had asked me to sell leather high heels to him, too new, said he wanted to do testing with the old shoes, but I that is already old shoes, just a long time did not wear it. He insisted that I wear half a month, I did not sell. Then he asked me for other shoes, which I still did not sell. Then some time ago someone suddenly asked me if I had worn the stockings?

The old point is okay, I said that no one buys old things, right, and also cheap, postage too loss, she said it’s okay, all she gave, as long as they are worn. I’m not sure what’s going on, and I don’t dare to sell to her easily. Today there is a do not know if it is a man pretending to be a woman, I want to foot map what is shot to her, she wants me to wear more than a few days to help her support the big,  my shoes are 39 yards ah ~ she actually said she 40 feet, I was terrified … and she said pro not to buy it, because not fit to buyback is not good.

She said it’s okay, told me to help her wear at work, I said the company does not give wear high heels, she said that you wear them at night! And also said what high heels to wear to the man to see is temptation … I’m dead set on not selling, said this thing is not expensive, I’ll put it, no one wants even if she began to ask me if I have recently worn shoes, there is no old shoes or something, women buy shoes is this mentality, can not wait for the newer the better la, she actually wants old shoes. The most terrible thing is that I went to her idle fish to see, she sold something each pair of background are different tiles, not at all the same person photographed, proving that it is not her own, should be bought back and sold out with the original seller’s picture, so suspect that it is not “man” ah ~ she sold all is similar to the style of patent leather high heels, and what size is there, 37 yards are there, is not 40 feet … behind a chill ah ~ ~ I see a lot of more spiritual things, so I do not know what evil she bought back, do not dare to sell, the two dollars prefer not to, even if just have a strange fetish that picture I also feel very scary ah ~

@ you can google search [stockings control] [special sexual fetish] [collection fetish] and other words.

@ My roommate is ready to sell old clothes and bags on the second-hand platform, in order to sell a little she purposely matched and then took pictures and sent pictures, then someone asked my roommate old underwear to sell or not (my roommate has big breasts) And admit that they have a special fetish.

@I also met to buy old shoes, and asked if I had old socks, I said yes, 50 a pair do you want? I said yes, 50 a pair you want?

I’ve just been approached by someone on a second-hand platform to buy old worn out stockings, I’ve never posted a similar item, she said she was going to make silk-screened flowers, but I think these things are quite personal, there’s no need to sell them for a few dollars, after all, there are still a lot of people with heavy tastes on the internet.

I’m not sure if you can send them off if you have them.

I’ve been getting this a lot lately, it’s disgusting and scary, who knows what to do with it.

I met one who said my shoes were too new for me to wear again, and I said it was too cold to wear single shoes, and asked him why he wanted old shoes. I was told that is a foot fetish. The fetish of the foot.

@fetish, take it back and jerk off cum.


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