Why do many boys like to kiss the girl’s feet?

Before someone asked me: “Boys kissing girls’ feet is not a pervert, is this normal?”

Answer: Of course it’s normal!

Feet are the sexiest, the most seductive, as well as the most lethal weapons.

Feet, to bring indefinable ambiguity and imagination. Barefoot in ancient times was a taboo, Song, and Song after the spring palace paintings of women painted charming but is not seen in these paintings of women with small feet. At that time, the feet were considered the most secret part of the female body, the most representative of the most sexually attractive women, and it has always been as part of the female body off-limits.

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Studies show that more than one in seven men, that is, one in seven men, have sexual fantasies about feet at least once in their lives, although the number of people who actually develop a foot fetish is far less than this number; among the opposite sex, up to 18% of men who have fantasized about feet.

Since ancient times, the feet and the two sexes linked, in the Western fairy tales, but also about the significance of the feet and sex, such as “Cinderella” in the crystal shoes, we have always thought is the expression of the meaning of the harvest of happiness, but in fact is the prince in the delivery of an ambiguous message: the girl in his heart, the first to have a pair of beautiful and slender jade feet.

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Beautiful eyes and slender feet are important in the eyes of men, year on year; some guys in gender relationships are indeed sensitive to their feet! The Old Testament and the New Testament both contain accounts of foot kissing, which represents a form of sovereignty, inclusion, and vow.

Ovid once said, “Kiss her little feet and you will not be ashamed.”

So, your boyfriend likes your feet, not particularly excessive, you do not have to look at it differently, can your feet under the mouth, that is also true love it!


There are many kinds of love manifestations, and there are many kinds of conditions that produce love.

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Boys like your feet may not be perverted, do not look at them with a colored eye!

Feet are a part of a person, and it just so happens that the person who likes you also likes that part of you.

The perversion does not depend on which part he likes.

It depends on, what he does to you.


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