Why do you use open pantyhose?

In a woman’s wardrobe, stockings are another essential layer of skin. In terms of appearance styles, it is currently divided into these categories: pantyhose, open pantyhose, stockings, tube stockings, and socks.

In pantyhose, there are high waist, low waist and mid waist. Generally speaking, if the skirt is 10 cm above the knee, you must wear pantyhose. Firstly, it is convenient and safe to prevent it from running out. Secondly, it will not show your legs between the skirt and the mouth of the socks. As for the choice of high waist, mid waist or low waist, it should be consistent with the waist shape of the skirt you are wearing. Recently, a special pantyhose with an intimate design has appeared on the market-open pantyhose: the bottom of the crotch is empty, and the panties will not be covered in the stockings. This is entirely out of the perspective of health and ventilation. Women who are menstruating or have gynecological diseases prefer to wear this kind of pantyhose.

The upper end of the hold-up stockings is located in the middle of the thigh, you can choose when wearing five-point pants. The length of the middle tube stockings is mainly knee-length, and you can choose when you wear a knee-length skirt. The socks of short stockings are flush with the ankles, so they are only suitable for wearing long trousers.

From the material point of view, ordinary nylon stockings are too stuffy, and core-spun stockings with a delicate and smooth feel are the best choice. Uniform transparency and good elasticity are the basic criteria for selection. In terms of color, the fancy stockings with printed or jacquard weave patterns are popular this year. The fancy patterns are mainly stripes, polka dots and flowers, especially the hand-woven patterns are the most eye-catching.

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