Winter clothing with the magic weapon: thick flesh-colored tights, thick flesh-colored pantyhose.

Winter clothing with the magic weapon: thick flesh-colored tights, thick flesh-colored pantyhose.

Teach you how to choose thick flesh-colored tights?

First, we learned that the following are the thick flesh-colored pantyhose that we commonly see in the market.

This thick flesh-colored pantyhose everyone is able to choose the thickness, from the picture you can see his surface has very obvious traces of the fabric class.

A close look is not like the skin color, only a distant look can be similar to the skin. If the color is not chosen correctly will be very fatal, that is, a glance fake, there is another point is that the thicker the more unnatural.


First of all, you see why models are shooting the front rarely shoot the back because the knee will appear behind bend pleats, the thicker the more obvious, sometimes standing up such pleats will still exist, it will be a little embarrassing!


In this case, it is too thick or the fit is not tight enough.

How do you usually deal with thick flesh-colored pantyhose in this condition?

That is, not to leak the knee please refer to the following chart, leak half of the leg can be worn.

There is also the kind of thin stockings to buy outside that will also be more natural, but the color of thick flesh-colored pantyhose can not be too false, or the set of stockings is not working (this is the last compromise to solve those thick flesh-colored pantyhose that can not be returned)

Without further ado, let us list the key points of thick flesh-colored pantyhose:

1. Thickness (see if the climate is cold, choose the thickness that can withstand the cold wind)

2. color (the general thick flesh-colored pantyhose are false but warm to wear pants skirt inside the choice. (If you want to show your legs, it is recommended to choose the stocking models)

3. ankle (this place can choose not thick, what is the reason, the advantages can be the more natural fit ankle. Disadvantages, the foot will be cold. (So you choose your own)

4. All-inclusive and half-inclusive (all-inclusive and foot-stepping. The full package is wrapped from the foot to the waist, you can not wear socks, but socks to change every day, wear this may also have to change every day. (But the winter does not want to change every day, choose to step on the foot, but the point is that the bare legs god must be long enough or very strangled feet bottom.)

️5. length (the third point when talking about the bottom of the foot may also lead to a full package of the top toe, how to test the length of the strangler? You can put the waist of the thick flesh-colored pantyhose to the location where you want to wear to the waist, and see if the length of the thick flesh-colored pantyhose has not reached the ankle of the foot-eye there, that is, the raised bone of the ankle, generally such thick flesh-colored pantyhose are suitable.)

6. not to fall out of the file (generally not tight enough to close the waist there will fall, and there is no drum there to do the buttocks, the version of the problem or length problems)

Reference to the above points is sufficient to buy a suitable thick flesh-colored pantyhose!

This is the style I bought, we go search on their own, everyone’s skin color is different, some people will not fit this one color can change one.

Many online prices vary, I am relatively cheap this is just a few dollars, so you want to buy look at my requirements listed above to buy on the line, friendly sharing hope you like.

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